This is an outstanding Christian School to send children to. My grandchildren are going there and they love it. They have a Lee's Summit police officer hired who is there all during school time as well as they have several men who volunteer to patrol inside the school to make sure that our children are safe at all time.
SCA Grandparent
SCA is the best school in the Kansas City area! I attended SCA and graduated and now I have my own children there. The tuition may be pricey, but you get what you pay for. This is not just another payment, it is an investment worth making. The culture of SCA is phenomenal! It is Christ centered in all aspects, the teachers treat this as a ministry rather than a job, and the staff is excellent to work with as well! I feel so blessed to be on the parenting side of things now and to be able to make sacrifices to have my kids in a school that is not only academically rewarding, but one that will lead them to Christ on a daily basis! No school is perfect, but as long as you keep it Christ centered and keep pointing to God's word as the basis on which you work from, then the outcomes of any issues can be resolved in a Godly way. The Lord is doing amazing things at this school and the community of families here is just a bonus! To sum it up, Amazing school, teachers, and staff!
SCA Alumnus & Parent
The love and kindness shown throughout the teachings of this school achieve beyond the highest of standards. My daughter will continue through this school for her education! Everyday she gets in the car after school she says, “school was amazing!” Wouldn’t change a thing.
We couldn't be more grateful for Summit Christian Academy.
SCA's commitment to academic excellence, godly character, and a passion for life equips every student to succeed. Academically my students have been challenged, their character has been more greatly shaped and the partnership of the teachers to see each child succeed has been over the top.
The most wonderful aspect of Summit Christian Academy for our family has been that it is a Christ-centered learning environment. Beginning and ending school each day with prayer.
Throughout my nine years of serving as a pastor in the Lee's Summit community, having dozens of families attend SCA, and for the past three years being a dad of students, I have been more than impressed with their unwavering commitment to their Christian heritage, community engagement, and the quality of their programs.
I am a small group leader this year and I love doing it. Every other week on Tuesdays we meet and I love leading my small group and feeling like I am making an impact on them. We have talked about a lot of different topics but in our most recent one we talked about forgiveness and letting go of things that have hurt us. I thought that was a really good opportunity for me to share with them and hopefully help them in any areas they were struggling in.
SCA High School Student
As a parent of two SCA graduates and one finishing her final year at the SCA elementary school, SCA has been a true gift to our family. It is a precious privilege to see my older children grow in their walk with the Lord, but see the impact SCA has made on the lives of all of my children.