Students at Summit Christian Academy are now eligible for the A+ Scholarship Program, which supports education at participating Missouri colleges and universities. SCA is now an A+ School through the A+ Scholarship Program, which funds higher education to Missouri state schools.

SCA graduates who meet the criteria listed below will qualify for scholarships to A+ participant colleges and universities in Missouri.

The program requirements are as follows, per the A+ program:

1. The student must be a Missouri resident and attend an A+ high school for two years immediately prior to graduation.
2. Earn a cumulative high school grade point average of 2.5 grade point or higher on a 4.0 scale (non-weighted).
3. Maintain a 95% high school attendance record for the 4-year period (attendance is not rounded up).
4. Perform 50 documented hours of approved and unpaid tutoring and/or mentoring. 25% of hours can be obtained through job shadowing or internship.
5. Achieve a score of 17 on the math section of the ACT test.
6. Establish a record of good citizenship with no drug or alcohol offenses.
7. Make a documented good-faith effort to secure federal post-secondary student financial assistance funds during the last semester of the senior year so as to obtain the A+ financial incentive (FAFSA).
8. Register for Selective Service, if applicable (as required by law).

For more information, visit The on-campus coordinator for the A+ program is College and Career Advisor Shaun Pfannenstiel.

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