SCA is committed to its students being 21st century learners who can critically think, communicate, collaborate, and create using up-to-date technology. Even more importantly, we intentionally implement objectives throughout their education that are designed to create digital citizens who are ethical and moral in all of their technology practices.

At the early education and elementary levels, all classrooms have Interactive SMART Boards. At the secondary level, all classrooms have Interactive ViewSonic Panels. SCA provides access to Chromebooks for all 3rd-6th grade students. These Chromebooks are used in the classroom and are meant to stay on campus.

At the secondary level, junior high students are provided with Chromebooks that are used across the curriculum for a wide variety of purposes. Students check these devices out at the beginning of the year and use them in class and at home. These same students are required to take a course entitled Digital Citizenship. This course explores not only lessons in technology software and hardware, but also current topics in the exercise of personal technology. Much frank discussion occurs comparing the world’s standards to God’s standards around topics such as screen addiction, social media, intellectual property, and accountability.

High school students are required to supply their own Chromebook or MacBook (Windows PCs are not allowed). SCA prefers the Chromebook for students in the 9th-12th grade as it is the digital device of choice for educational purposes; however, students may use a MacBook. Teachers deliver lecture material, integrate a variety of apps, use online textbooks, and design projects that require technology integration. Students wishing to take advanced courses in STEM areas may take advantage of a variety of SCA electives or participate in Summit Technology Academy for part of their school day.

Specification Recommendations for purchasing:

  • Chromebooks should have at least 4GB RAM, 11" screen, 32GB storage.
  • Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, and Lenovo all make devices that will meet these minimum requirements.
  • MacBooks must run MAC OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later and have the Chrome browser installed.
  • Students are only allowed to use devices running Chrome OS or MacOS (Windows OS is not allowed).

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