Summit Christian Academy provides a strong core program in phonics, reading, language, spelling, mathematics, history, Bible, and science. In addition, elementary students participate in physical education, art, music, library, and chapel.  Fifth and sixth grade students can also participate in vocal music, band, and strings.

Students become skilled in reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, writing, and penmanship. Our approach to reading instruction enables us to teach reading in small groups and as a whole class. Students read aloud and also engage in group reading and discussion. 

Students learn mathematical concepts using various hands-on learning materials including counters, patterned blocks, interlocking cubes, play money, and toy clocks to help illustrate concepts. Students master arithmetic, including the memorization of multiplication tables, long division, fractions, and introduction to algebraic and geometric concepts.

Science is an investigative, hands-on subject within the framework of a biblical worldview at our school. We strive to equip students to engage in scientific inquiry, data analysis, and model-making so they will be able to solve real-world problems. 

Bible and History come alive with stories and hands-on projects. Students are introduced to the Old and New Testament through Bible stories. Students are encouraged to connect with God’s Word and become dynamic disciples of Jesus Christ—kids who know God intimately, love Him passionately and serve Him selflessly. We guide students in analyzing and evaluating historical events, world cultures, and primary sources from a biblical worldview.

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