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Why Christian Education

In this world of readily available information, it is the goal of SCA to differentiate itself from other institutions of learning by teaching students to use the knowledge they acquire with discernment and wisdom. Meeting this goal will help students succeed in their chosen professions, as well as in the eyes of the Lord.

Summit Christian Academy provides an educational experience that focuses on excellent academics and spiritual formation. We believe that these two values go hand-in-hand as we raise our children in God's truth. In today's culture, Christian education is more important than ever. Our youngest generations are bombarded with non-Christian messages on a daily basis. It's our goal as Christian educators to use our influence and teach children about God's unfailing love while using God's Word as the standard for all decision-making.

Christian Education Prepares Students for College and Life

Summit Christian Academy is a preparatory school for college and life. Not only does our commitment to college-level academics prepare children for undergraduate studies, but placing Christ at the center of all enables us to educate the whole student - spiritually, emotionally, mentally, socially, and physically.

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Christian Education Nurtures Students' Talents and Gifts

As Christian educators, we nurture our students' talents and gifts through a variety of school programs. From our growing athletics activities to our fine arts, drama and music programs, we offer our students the opportunity to explore their God-given talents. We teach them how to hone their skills in the gifts God's given them, and how to use them for His glory in the local church and universal body of Christ.

Christian Education Develops Future Servant Leaders

As Christian educators, we point to Jesus as the example when it comes to leadership. As a Christian school, we equip our students through weekly age-appropriate chapel services, daily prayer, and service to the community. Our students are taught how to follow in Christ's footsteps and love and serve those around us.

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