Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

Summit Christian Testimonials

This is an outstanding Christian School to send children to. My grandchildren are going there and they love it. They have a Lee's Summit police officer hired that is there all during school time as well as they have several men who volunteer to patrol inside the school to make sure that our children are safe at all time.

Wanda Jung - Blue Springs

Thank you SCA. We covet your prayers. Grateful for all you do for the cause of Christ and to teach your students to love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength!

Dr. Robert Matz, Blue Hills Baptist - Independence

SCA has a great atmosphere of godly influences, staff that love your kids well, excellence education and lot of opportunities.

Mandy Roe - LSMO

"Our daughter shared as a freshman in college that all of her new friends are stressed about the workload expected of them. But she isn't phased at all. She tells them that "this is just like my school, Summit Christian Academy." Thank you for preparing her so well for an honors program at a university. She also was able to start the year with 27 credits already, so technically she is a sophomore.....saving over $39,000 (full year of college). SCA ROCKS!!! SCA Alumni Parent

Jesse Maruschak - LSMO

I attended SCA from grades 9-12. I am so thankful that I was able to attend. Qualities such as classroom size, teacher impact, extra curricular activities, their international program, and the outstanding education they offer, make this school an exemplary place. Their focus on the Lord helped me grow as a Christian. SCA prepared me for life ahead. Highly recommend!

Alyssa Wilson - Lees Summit

It's so wonderful to see how the teachers at Summit Christian Academy love the kids in their class, and give them so much attention! When we've gone to the plays that our Grandson is in, it means the world to hear the Principal pray over the kids and their families, hear the children singing Christian songs, and quoting Scripture, and see Biblical Scripture written across a big banner across the stage those precious kids are standing on! May God bless each child, teacher, Principal, helper, sibling, Mom or Dad, Grandparent, etc! Happy Thanksgiving to each of you!! With all that is being taught in our public school system, I'm so very thankful our Grandchildren are able to go to this very special school!!

Pam Judd - Kansas City

We started SCA 7 years ago with my son, Max, in first grade. the results were amazing!!! He is now enetring 8th grade and could not be happier with his scholastic and spiritual growth. My daughter, Anna, started at SCA in preschool(3 years old) and is now entering 3rd grade!!! We love this school so much and it has enriched my children's lives in everyway possible! Summit Christian Academy has been one of the best decisions my family has made in our lives. Not only has SCA provided an excellent, top notch Christian education, the educators and staff consistently molded my children into well rounded, loving, Grace filled and honorable children and students. SCA excels in every way- Academia, extracurricular activities such as music, theatre, debate and sports. SCA embodies the kind of excellence that is unstoppable and continues to become better and better every year. I am so thankful my children will be so well prepared for the future and my family owes it all to Summit Christian Academy! Caroline Hammond - Lee's Summit

Caroline Hammond - Lees Summit