Our School Spirit Lasts An Eternity

Our History

In 1989, a tiny band of travelers embarked on a journey.

With 32 students, they started an independent, nondenominational Christian school in classrooms provided by First Assembly of God in Lee’s Summit.

Each year, families looking for stellar biblically-integrated academics joined those original pioneers. In 1993, Summit Christian Academy split into two campuses in order to house a growing student body, with the “north” campus meeting at Christ Triumphant Church in Lee’s Summit.

The founders envisioned a future where all students could attend classes together at one campus, in a building on property owned by the school. God blessed that dream and in 1999, SCA took that first step and opened its new facility at 1450 SW Jefferson with 330 students. The second step included the completion of the building at 1450 SW Jefferson in 2000.


SCA Adds a Christian High School

Also in 2002, the school board decided to add the first ninth grade class, marking the beginning of another exciting leg of the journey — to add one high school grade per year. In the spring of 2004, the charter graduating class ventured beyond these halls, stepping onto the next path God paved for them.

We remained true to the early vision of our founding families by taking the next step toward a top-notch facility for Junior and Senior High. In 2005, the school broke ground for the first phase of a 137,000 square-foot facility. Construction of the first phase of a state-of-the-art junior/senior high school building was completed in January 2007. The initial phase includes additional classrooms, state-of-the-art science laboratories, media center and a large multi-purpose room, as well as a preschool wing.

In January of 2020, the Goppert Classroom Wing was completed and added an additional 11,000 square feet to the secondary building. This wing includes nine interactive classrooms, a nurse's office, and additional restrooms.

Kansas City's Top Christian School

Now, the tiny band of travelers isn’t tiny anymore. SCA has grown to 1,000 preschool through 12th grade students representing over 200 covenant churches.

Looking back over the map that marks their history, we see the footprints of the faithful. The courage of those early school families and the prayerful sacrifice of all those along the way have brought us to this very important crossroads.

As we look toward the future, SCA remains true to the spirit that has embodied our journey. The mission of inspiring students to achieve their God-given potential through excellent academics and Christian training in a compassionate environment is unwavering.

Those early travelers knew the secret to a successful journey in the lives of our most precious youth. When young people know God their Creator designed them for a specific purpose, they will reach their destinies regardless of the obstacles.

With a solid faith in Christ established in the core of their beings, they will embark on their own journeys knowing He has written His plan on their hearts.