Foundations & Frameworks

Foundations and Frameworks is a reading curriculum that focuses on teaching reading comprehension through the intentional instruction of critical thinking skills. Throughout the year, students will read approximately eight novels, ranging from beloved classics such as The Secret Garden to nonfiction books like Crisis in Space: Apollo 13, to historical fiction like Number the Stars. Instructional techniques include vocabulary exercises, graphic organizers, silent sustained reading, small group discussion, and memorized pattern statements.  Multiple elements of literary analysis are mastered, some of which include setting, plot, character, symbol, figurative language, summarization, main idea, etc.

Foundations and Frameworks is included in the curriculum beginning in 2nd grade and continuing through 6th. Teachers take a 10-day instructional course in order to be fully trained in curriculum implementation. All books read by students are listed on our school website and are available for parent checkout in our school library.

The Lower Elementary reading list as well as the K-2 Curriculum guides are in pdf format. 

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